JULY 30TH, 2015

2733165_sUnderage drinking is a problem in this country and adults make it worse when they sell to minors or allow underage drinking at their home. Most states have enacted some social host law. These laws hold party hosts liable for any alcohol-related injuries that occur as a result of providing alcohol to minors. It includes injuries to the minor, as well as to any other persons who are injured or killed as a result of the minor being supplied alcohol. So why do we still see stories like the one this week on ABC News, Couple on Trial for Allegedly Allowing Underage Drinking Before Teenager Killed in Crash? Why do parents risk it all and allow their underage children and their friends to drink at their home?

We live in a child-centered society and pushy aggressive children easily intimidate parents. The parents get worried and feel out of control and develop the illusion that if the kids are doing something at home then all is well. What is missing is that there is no appropriate role modeling or education. And, quite frankly, parents who allow underage drinking are breaking the law and setting up dangerous intoxication situations.

Whether they believe-it-or-not, parents are role, models. Many don’t think their kids are watching, but they are. Parents do have a lot more influence with their children than they think. Don’t be fooled by your kids appearing not to listen to you. They’re listening and they’re watching. And when it comes to preventing substance abuse what you say is important. Statistics continues to show that parents are still the most influential factor in protecting their teenagers from risky behavior. Parents should talk to their children about alcohol use, and they should realize that it is never too early to start. For more information or help finding a group in your community email me

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